Wednesday, October 24, 2007

week 6 part 1

The last section ended with Aron chopping off his arm and leaving trying to find help. While he is leaving, the rescue team has found his vehicle. There were messages sent out to a few states: Georgia, Utah, and Colorado. The messages were to send all cars to try and locate Aron and his Toyota Tacoma with license plate "Eight-Four-Six-Mike-Mike-Yankee." After looking around for a few hours after the messages were sent, Ranger Glenn Sherrill contacted Kyle Ekker, the man who sent out the message, containing information of the whereabouts of Aron's truck. The news of the truck's discovery got to Elliot, Aron's roommate, around 9:37 am. He began calling people, as did Rachel, Aron's sister. After a couple hours, they had coordinated two groups of friends and rescuers that were making immediate plans to drive to Horseshoe Canyon. They called Ekker to reassure that they were looking, and Ekker welcomed them to join the search.

At 11:34 am, Aron sets off to find help with a plastic grocery sack wrapped around his stub. He makes a sling out of his empty CamelBak backpack. Next he sorts the rope into 2 knot-free stacks, and then he takes his Air Traffic Controller rappel device to bend each rope strancd through one of the twin slots in the mouth of the gadget. He then uses jerking motions to trigger the ATC and hopefully help him get up the wall. Aron keeps telling himself "No stupid mistakes, you're almost there." He sees people with Germanic accents, who are encouraging him to rest while he knows he needs to hurry and get help. However, the people are able to supply Aron with a few Oreos. Still trying to get help, Aron runs into Ranger Steve Swanke, or to Aron, his rescuer. At the hospital, Aron is able to call his mom and others (such as Elliot) to tell him that he is ok.

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swimmer51 said...

this part is sweet. nice job on describing all the details!