Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside post 3

One scene that reflected the director's point was in one of Ramon's dreams, more specifically the one where he flies around and finds Julia on the beach. The camera usage seemed like it was just a huge dollying while Ramon is flying around, but I am not sure what the technical name would be. This reflected his point because it showed how Ramon wished we could walk, which would be like us human beings wishing we could fly (that's how much Ramon wishes he could move). Another camera selection that was important was at the end when Ramon is talking into the camera just before he dies. The sequence was a zoom-out (slow) while he was talking, followed by a zoom-in as he is dying (after he drank the potassium cyanide). I am not sure what the real meaning was, however I know that the shot was a great pick (especially the slow zoom-in as he was dying) because it intensified the scene so much and it was a great pick.

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