Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4 part 2

In the winter of 2003, Aron was focused on the 9 14000-ft mountains that he was climbing. He was adjusting his energy week-by-week to another challenging peak or route. Some of his different adventures included skiing Mount Sopris in Colorado as well as a solo trip to Cathedral Peak. He took his skiing trip with a friend, Rick Inman, and he says that it felt amazing to be free
of his powder-hound attitude (which he got from his friends) that had lead him into some trouble. On his solo trip to Cathedral Peak, he climbed and skied the east gully on the south ridge.

It's day four for Aron, and he has been awake for 57 hours (and trapped for 50). He feels that he is suffering some odd type of hypothermia. He cannot sleep, nor can he stay awake. Aron continues to think obsessively about water, and he believes that it is driving him insane. It's midnight, on Tuesday April 29. After several hours of debate (with himself), Aron decides to try drinking his urine, being that he only has a half-cup of water left. He takes a sip of the salty, tangy, and bitter beverage and doesn't gag nor puke. He questions whether it is safe to drink his urine and figures that since he drank about half of what he peed before he feels queezy, that he is even more unsure. However, the next morning, he decided to gulp down the remaining sips of his water supply. Just minutes after Aron realizes that because he is out of water, he is "f***ed."

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