Monday, October 8, 2007

Reaction DBATB

I had a few reactions to the memoir, "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly." One of them was that I couldn't wait for it to end, and not in a good way. To me, this book was very slow, which I didn't like. I feel bad saying this because I know that Bauby put his heart and soul into that book but I just didn't like it. I know that everything that the author was telling us was significant to him and he really wanted the readers to like it, but I just think I didn't enjoy reading this book. It was also confusing how the book didn't really have any flow or plot. It was just a bunch of stories put together, and none of them really based on each other or didn't build action.
On the other hand, another reaction was that I have a lot of respect for Jean-Dominique Bauby. It really shows a lot about his character when he makes a memoir when he can't even move. To me, he is a hard working and intelligent man who loves the people who matter to him. I mean, who doesn't have a lot of respect for a man who is fully paralyzed and still manages to write a novel? My personal opinion was that one of the ideas for his book title (besides the Diving Bell, the Eye, and the Pressure Cooker) could have been "Iron Man." It's kind of cliche I know but it's true.
If Bauby would have been able to recover, I think his life would have been a lot different. He would have spent a lot more time with his friends and family and less time at work. I think he would've enjoyed more of his "Mitra-Grandchamp," and would have tried with all his might to do so. All-in-all, Bauby was a tremendous man who deserves the respect from everyone who reads his memoir.

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