Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 part A

  • haranguing (p. 46)- to deliver a scolding or long or intense verbal attack
  • ubiquitous (p. 55)- existing or being everywhere


  • " 'With so little time, you don't think anything can happen. What can happen?' " (p. 74) This quote was said by a Soviet player named Bilyaletdinov, and he is talking about at the end of the first period with just a few seconds left where the puck was at the Soviet net after a slapshot was taken at the other end of the rink by defenseman Dave Christian. The Soviets at that point were leading 2-1 and the Americans didn't have very much momentum. That quote is significant because right after Christian iced the puck, Mark Johnson, an American player, hustled down the ice and scored with 0 seconds left, which gave the American a tie at the end of the first period as well as a huge morale boost.

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