Thursday, November 29, 2007


Arguments with parents:
  1. Usually at home
  2. It serves as a way to get across ideas why someone shouldn't have to do something
  3. Yes it helps because that way your parents know your side of the story
  4. It is unstructured
  5. You may have less of a chance of winning against your parents because it could turn to yelling, which would only make your parents even more mad.
Court Cases
  1. Court rooms
  2. Either putting someone in jail or getting refunded for things that were lost or taken
  3. Yes
  4. Structured
  5. It makes it more official, more valid, and a lot more organized.
School Debate
  1. Class rooms
  2. To determine a winner between the two schools
  3. Not really considering they aren't real court cases
  4. Structured
  5. It helps each side get its opinion in to better determine a winner

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