Tuesday, November 20, 2007

week 1 part b

Dear Mr. Wayne Coffey,

In reading your book Boys of Winter, I was very touched while reading the prologue when you are explaining Herb Brooks’s funeral. The reason why I was touched by this is because I had met Herb about six months before he died. After talking to him, I realized how great of a man he was, and I was really glad that I met him. Also, just a couple of months before he died, he sent me a picture of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team that he coached (what your book is about). On that picture was his signature, along with a note saying, “Dear Erich- Go for it.” I thought it was very nice; however the true meaning of it really did not sink in until after he died. Since then, I have kept it on my desk, right in front of where I sit to do my homework because it reminds to push myself to be the most I can. That artifact also makes me very special knowing that such a great man like Herb would send such a valued object to me. It truly shows what a great, caring person he is, and I have a lot of respect for him. Also, I would like to thank you for writing this book. I am a big fan of the “Miracle on Ice” and it’s great that you are telling the untold story. I cannot wait to read the rest.


Erich Rectenwald

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