Tuesday, January 15, 2008

week 7 part b

Dear Mister Wayne Coffee,

This letter that I am writing will, unfortunately, be my last, being that it comments about the last section of your epic book, The Boys of Winter. The section begins with 13 minutes remaining in the final period of the game, and Myshkin, the backup goalie for the Soviets, had been in net for 27 seven minutes- seeing only two shots. The score was 3-2 in favor of the Soviets, and while on the powerplay, the Americans just could not get it together. They had no flow and could not make very good passes. Next, you analyze the past of Dave Silk, the strongest weightlifter on the team. Silk lost his father at age eight, but found somewhat of a father figure in his coaches, particularily Jack Parker, the coach for Boston University. I find this to be perfect because most people who lost their father at an early age usually do search for a father figure in their life, and being that Dave Silk is a hockey player, why not have it be his coach? Transitioning back to the game, Silk had delivered a pass right to Mark Johnson in front of the net, who scored. The score was now three to three. And then, with ten minutes left, Mike Eurizione skated across the slot and fired for a goal, notching up the Americans to a score of 4-3. After a long and hard ten minutes with a lead, the Americans had finally won the game, and completed the miracle just a couple days later, as the Americans won gold. It was good writing to you, Wayne.


Erich Rectenwald

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