Tuesday, January 8, 2008

week 6 part b

Dear Mr. Wayne Coffee,

I write to you in regards to the 6th section of 7 in your book Boys of Winter. This section begins right after the chapter where you go in depth with the final moments of the semifinal game with the United States against the Soviet Union. After the Soviet loss 4-3, you describe “Jim Craig’s Corner,” a.k.a. the spot of the locker room where Jim Craig, the goalie, would always sit. After the game, Jim went straight to his corner and started to undress, while his other teammates ranted and raved about their highly important victory. Personally, when you told readers about how mellow Craig was, especially after a great victory like that, I kind of got the feeling that he was either a really boring person or he was a good sport. After that part, you go into detail about Jim’s wife, Sharlene Craig, and how they met and so on. I find it weird and ironic that prior to the 2 meeting just a couple years after the 1980 Olympics, she knew nothing about him. Then after that part, you do into detail about what each player wanted to do after the 1980 Olympics, mainly hockey goals. The most common response was, “I want to play in the National Championship,” Whether it was for Boston College, the University of Minnesota, etc… Anyways, I will write again after the last section.


Erich Rectenwald

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