Tuesday, December 11, 2007

week 4 part b

Dear Mr. Wayne Coffee,

I write to you again, for the fourth time, concerning yet another section of your epic novel, The Boys of Winter. In this section, you speak of Soviet goaltender, Vladislav Tretiak, and his amazing ability between the two goal posts. However, Soviet coach, Sergei Makarov, sensed a fault in his game. Makarov states that he had no idea where the explosive U.S. team had come from, being that the two rivals faced off less than a week earlier, with the Soviets winning by a landslide. Makarov noted, “Their eyes were bright. Their eyes were burning. It was a team.” This whole experience/event reminded me of the movie “Little Giants,” where a nerdy brother’s football team beats his older, more experienced brother’s team under the same tremendous odds of that the United States team was up against. Also in the section, you go in depth in Ken Morrow’s previous life. You describe him as “a six-foot five-inch shortstop, long-limbed and low-key, Cal Ripken before Cal Ripken.” He was also known as one of the best athletes in Flint, Michigan. Morrow, like pretty much all the other members of the hockey team, was gifted athletes with tremendous ability. He played in the NHL for some years with a top salary of 1.9 million. I’m noticing that all the players on the team are hard workers who were born with a lot of natural talent. Until next time!


Erich Rectenwald

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